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Our mission is to turn your data into your competitive advantage - Boost efficiency. Increase reliability. Improve HSE.
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About Endila


Endila, the Energy Digital Laboratory, was created in 2019 to meet the needs of asset owners and supply chain companies in the energy sector to access, develop and operationalise AI. Our objective is to offer a new way for companies to access AI to improve operational performance. 


Our hybrid consulting/ AI development business model gives clients the confidence to run AI projects as informed partners – no impenetrable jargon, no black-box solutions, a friendly approach to IP and a focus on efficiency and tangible outputs. 

Our differentiators are the breadth of our team and our industry focus. Our team all understand the energy industry, whether from working for energy companies, consulting to energy companies or from developing energy sector technology. Our data scientists focus on energy sector projects, and are familiar with operational data. This gives us the ability to work fast, efficiently and to instinctively know where value is likely to be found – from both an engineering perspective and a data science perspective. 

Whether our projects are strategy focused, analytics focused or AI PoC focused we understand that deployment must consider operational and commercial realities. For the energy sector AI is not about ripping up the rule book and starting from scratch, but on improving on many years of careful innovation from highly skilled engineers and technicians which has allowed our clients to succeed. We build on your success. 


We bring together energy sector specialists, data scientists, software engineers and business consultants to build AI applications to transform your operations.


Dirk Peeters

Dirk is an entrepreneur with a wealth of intelligence and data analytics experience who has spent more than 25 years’ helping customers with digitisation projects. He has been directly involved in transitioning governments, security companies and heavy industry into data driven organisations, and brings his broad digital experience & lessons-learnt into every Endila project.


Peter Sawyer

Peter has over 15 years' experience working within the energy sector to improve operations through smart technology selection. A chartered engineer & business consultant with cross-sector experience, Peter helps Endila’s clients to determine where AI can assist their organisations to develop a complete AI lifecycle solution.


Dr. Michael Simioni

Michael has spent over 15 years in engineering & business consulting working with energy companies to set the strategy for technology selection, commercialisation & deployment. Michael works with Endila’s clients to connect business challenges with AI use cases and to quickly select from this portfolio to deliver data science value.


Dr. Ming Gao

Ming has spent his decade long career in data science, developing and optimising AI solutions for a variety of industries. A pragmatic data scientist, he helps match cutting edge AI techniques with deliverable project workflows bringing relevant data science value to Endila’s clients.


Xiaojing Wang

With over 15 years spent understanding industry needs and technology adaptation processes, Xiaojing adds a wealth of insight & perspective to every industry project. Her career & experience in consulting brings thoroughness and method to Endila’s strategy work and business attitudes to effective PoC development.


We start from problem definition 

Our projects never start with looking into large volumes of data, hoping to find golden nuggets. We start by precisely defining the technical challenges to be solved.

We focus on

model development

We believe in creating the best solution for a challenge, not in force-fitting existing solutions. Sometimes this requires starting from scratch, but more frequently requires different existing models to be combined.

We are a multi-disciplinary team

Our team comprises data scientists, computer scientists, engineers and business consultants. This balanced team allows us to understand the business context and how our projects can deliver better value.

Ready to take the next step?

Start working with us today and accelerate your AI journey.

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