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AI Foresight
AI Foresight - the first and the most comprehensive AI application database for the E&P industry. 
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AI Foresight
AI Foresight
AI Foresight
  • What specific challenges can be solved by AI and what benefits do AI solutions bring?

  • How much effort does it take to develop and implement AI? 

  • Where is the low hanging fruit?

  • What data do different AI applications require?


Endila has developed AIForesight bringing together challenges, readily understood by the E&P industry, with AI solutions researched and developed across the globe. AIForesight connects AI with E&P in a platform of over 700 categorised use-cases and we are continually growing this number. 

AIForesight is particularly useful when it comes to understanding the ongoing development of AI applications in the E&P industry. Thanks to our robust classification system, the use cases are aligned with the E&P value chain and collectively showcase the applicability of AI from exploration to field planning, from drilling to O&M, and from supply chain to HSE. It provides a trusted reference to particular operational issues that various AI methods and techniques have been tested and applied, as well as useful insights when it comes to development processes and lessons-learnt.

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AI Foresight

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AI Foresight

How Endila uses AIForesight

Assist AI & data strategy development - opportunity and partner identification and competitor landscape

Identify 'low hanging fruit' to quickly prove AI benefits in our client's business

Connect operational challenges with AI solutions that have been identified and tried

Understand AI research & development trends - developer ecosystems and centres of excellence as well as partnership models

Identify opportunities in the AI landscape that developers (operators, service providers and AI companies) can take full advantage of 

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