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The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) launches one of the largest ever public data releases

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has launched, in March 2019, what is believed to be one of the largest ever single open releases of data with the launch of the UK’s first UK Oil and Gas National Data Repository (NDR).

Free and available to the public, the NDR is an online database platform contains 130 terabytes of well, geophysical, field and infrastructure data, covering more than 12,500 wellbores, 5,000 seismic surveys, and 3,000 pipelines. The NDR can be found at

Endila has performed an initial assessment of data structure, quality and variety for both NDR 1.0 & 2.0 (NDR 2.0 provides free accessible data about UKCS offshore oil & gas wells, seismic surveys, infrastructure, licenses and fields). We believe NDR 1.0 and 2.0 are very useful either as core data or to enrich data provided by clients when it comes to data-driven project.

“The world is arguably entering a ‘fourth industrial revolution’, with data at its heart. The National Data Repository is a UK first and is an important milestone in our vision to enable open, transparent data. The platform makes data available for machine learning and artificial intelligence and offers the opportunity to uncover new prospects and previously overlooked plays.”
- Nic Granger, Director of Corporate at the OGA

The NDR aims to help achieve maximum economic recovery of the estimated 20 billion barrels of oil and gas that remains; unlocking new investment, new technology and more exploration activity. In addition, the NDR will play an important role in the energy transition, including for example enabling future carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) projects, thanks to the wealth of reservoir and infrastructure data available.


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